Saturday, March 10

30 Weeks

Upon realizing that I potentially only have 10 more weeks of pregnancy, I've decided to be a little more deliberate about tracking everything. I'm going to start with this survey I found via the Top Baby Spot blog.

Last week's major milestone was doing some serious 
nesting and getting the Pack 'n' Play set up in our room!

How far along? 30 Weeks

Gender: Boy

Total weight gain: 5 lbs. - this is unusually low, and the original goal I was told was to gain 15-20 total, but baby is in 45th percentile for weight, so my doctor isn't worried - I'm having a "belly-only" pregnancy without doing any special dieting or exercise; just a combination of luck, genetics, and some occasional nausea.

This week's OB/GYN appointment: I found it interesting that my blood pressure has been the exact same the last three visits. Short appointment this week - fundal height measurement (normal), heart rate (147), and sample.

Favorite maternity clothes this week: The waterfall sweater Brittney handed down to me from her pregnancy, which is also nursing-friendly - I wear it at least once a week.

Stretch marks? Yes, but they are more on my back/hips rather than my belly so I'm wondering if they're just my teenage stretch marks becoming more prominent?

Sleep: Waking up about twice a night but able to get back to sleep quickly. Mr. Q says I am tossing and turning quite a bit and snoring, but those things aren't waking me up ;)

Best moment this week: Pedicures (since I can no longer bend comfortably), shopping, and dinner with Brittney and her sweet one-year-old on Friday. It's so cool to watch her baby's development and know that at this time next year Baby Q will be working on fine motor skills and might be trying to take his first steps.

Movement: Baby Q has two main daily kick-fests around 10 AM and 10 PM, and it's so cool to be able to see movement from outside now instead of just feeling it. My friend Abby got to feel him kick during our faculty meeting on Monday and almost cried, and Emily felt him at Bible study that evening - that was an especially active day for some reason.

Food cravings: Chicken tenders, all the pasta in the world.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not feeling the smell or taste of peanut butter these days, and popcorn shrimp that tasted yummy and I had been craving unfortunately made me sick.

Major pregnancy symptoms: Heartburn, back pain, round ligament pain.

Milestones: Starting our Prepared Childbirth class through the hospital; I really liked the instructor, who is a professional doula and trained Lamaze instructor. This week she went over the three stages of labor and we also discussed some potential red flags to look out for in the coming weeks. Also super excited for my baby shower next weekend, especially since some gifts have already started to arrive, like the glider and ottoman my uncle and aunt sent.

Friday, February 23

My First Trimester Essentials

This week, I'm officially in my third trimester of pregnancy. Today I'm headed to my OB/GYN office for a sonogram (hope baby will show his face this time!) and blood glucose test (wish me luck!). The last six months have flown by, so I wanted to take the time today to share some of the items that were lifesavers for me when I was a newly expectant mother!

My First Trimester Essentials

In my medicine cabinet:
  • Prenatal vitamin + DHA - I started taking prenatal vitamins as soon as we decided to have a baby. Depending on the type you buy, you might have to take DHA separately. A lot of women have trouble swallowing their vitamins in the first trimester due to morning sickness - I found that taking mine at night helped.
  • Vitamin B6 - My OB/GYN recommends this vitamin along with half a Unisom for nausea in the first trimester. I stuck with only the vitamin because I was worried about what a sleeping pill might do to me at work!
  • Tums - A first through third trimester essential for me! Heartburn has been a constant for me during pregnancy - it's caused by higher levels of estrogen and other hormones which relax the esophagus. Later in pregnancy, it can indicate that baby will have a lot of hair, which makes sense since he has my genetics!
  • Preggie Pop Drops - These sour candies are great for nausea, and since they look like lozenges they were something I could use at work before I'd announced my pregnancy.

Keeping track of baby:
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting - The most classic pregnancy book there is, and the first one I read. Some women don't like it because they think the tone is patronizing or it gives them anxiety about what could go wrong, but I treated it more as a general guide than a Bible and liked knowing the medical reasons why I was experiencing certain symptoms.
  • Ovia app - There are a lot of pregnancy apps out there, and I chose Ovia because it had a lot of positive reviews. If you know a pregnant woman who tells you what size fruit or vegetable her little one compares to each week, chances are she uses Ovia. One of my favorite features are the weekly videos featuring a pregnant Ovia staffer.

In my closet:
  • Pull-on jeans - One of my first maternity clothes purchases, I found these Jessica Simpson jeans on sale at Motherhood Maternity and liked the under-belly style for early pregnancy - they look just like my favorite skinny jeans.
  • Waterfall cardigans - First trimester camouflage! I lived in flowy cardigans before letting people know I was pregnant. I get most of mine from discount sites like GroopDealz and Pick Your Plum.
  • Ingrid + Isabel Bellaband - There's a certain phase of pregnancy where the hair tie trick no longer works and maternity trousers are still a little too roomy, and that's where a belly band comes to the rescue - I used it to wear my pre-pregnancy pants unbuttoned and unzipped, then to keep the maternity pants my friend handed down to me feeling snug until my bump had grown to fill them.

On my vanity:
  • Burt's Bees blemish stick - During my first trimester, I still had some cystic acne from time to time, and not being able to use topical acne treatments because of the chemicals had me really bummed - I usually swear by benzoyl peroxide. I was skeptical of an herbal acne medication, but this stuff dries up pimples fast, and I probably won't go back to chemical formulas!
  • Attitude Blooming Belly foaming cleanser - Knowing that whatever went on my skin could also go through my skin and into baby's body made me very conscious about my daily beauty regimen. I still use Fresh's soy face cleanser in the morning shower with my Clarisonic, and replaced my nighttime cleaner with this formula specifically for expectant mamas.

Monday, February 19

Saturday, February 10

currently [february 2018]

currently [february 2018]

finishing: the recruitment process for my school's 2018-2019 class! For those of you who may not be regular readers, I'm an instructional coach and the director of a public school-within-a-school for eighth grade students that focuses on Project Based Learning. This is our first year and it was awesome to see that the word has gotten out about our program and we will need to do a lottery for admissions since we have more applications than spots. I've had about 20 current students helping with sharing information about our program at meetings with parents, students, and seventh grade teachers, and I've also been fielding a lot of parent phone calls.

wishlisting: felt letter boards! I'd been seeing them on Instagram for a while, of course, and thought they were cute, but never felt like I needed one until I started thinking about how useful they could be in photos of Baby Quinn when he starts reaching milestones. Emily from Jones Design Company did a letterboard round-up on her blog recently, and I'm leaning toward this one from Target - I like the square shape and the price is right.

subscribing: in the process of creating our baby registry, we realized how many baby things we just knew nothing about, and left the stores with several items on the helpful checklists they provided still unchecked. I put Mr. Q in charge of research monitors since he is our household technology enthusiast, but for everything else I have really appreciated the product reviews on Lucie's List and subscribed to the newsletter for helpful advice delivered weekly. 

watching: the Winter Olympics! I was a little underwhelmed by Pyongchang's Opening Ceremonies, but I'm enjoying watching some of the events this weekend. Growing up in the 90's I pretty much became a lifelong fan of figure skating, and I've fallen in love with married pairs skating couple Chris Knierim and Alexa Scimeca Knierim while watching them compete in the team event. Also, Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Liveis live-tweeting while watching the Games and it's hilarious.

hearting: I've been Pinning a bunch of floral manicures lately and considering trying nail wraps again (I didn't have the patience for the application process the first time around, but I love the idea of perfect nails for 2 weeks). So perfect for Valentine's Day!

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